Thursday, March 24, 2016

Chocolate Egg Chase Easter Quest

It's Easter! Play this Sims Freeplay themed quest to get limited items and prizes.

Here are the list of tasks for the Chocolate Egg Easter Quest Sims FreePlay

  1. Go to the park
  2. Talk to the bunny in the park (1m)
  3. Offer Cottontail help (5m)
  4. Read springtime bunnies (48m)
  5. Bake chocolate chip cookies (1m)
  6. Tell Cottontail it was cookies (5m)
  7. Wash off chocolate (5hr)
  8. Accept Cottontails challenge (5m)
  9. Place egg hunters case (Inventory > Decorations)
  10. Investigate the egg hunters case (25m)
  11. Search for eggs (4.5hr)
  12. Examine the egg hunters case

How to Buy a Kitchen Benchtop

What's the point of having neat stuff if you don't have anywhere to but it? Buy a Bench!

At first this was a struggle, because I did not know where to find the Kitchen Benchtop. It just actually means a counter top, so just go and buy the cheapest one to complete this task.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Mysterious Island Quest - Sims FreePlay

Unlock the untold secrets and treasures of the Mysterious Island.

  1. Watch the news 
  2. Find the Mysterious Island on a Globe - They say the new island is going to be the perfect place to build HOUSEBOATS. How exciting! Imagine your Sim relaxing on the deck of a luxury houseboat, soaking up the sun, not a care in the world. You have to get there before someone else buys them all! Find the island on a World Globe. The coordinates are +34° 54' 20.00", -106° 36' 52". Note: The World Globe can be found in decorations.
  3. Download bridge schematics on a computer - Well done, your Sim now has the exact location of this mysterious island. It's just across the water Nort of Sim Town. If only the Party Boat could fit under the Suspension Bridge! How did the Party Boat even get there anyway? Your Sims need to build a bridge. Find the perfect bridge and download the schematics for a bridge on a computer.
  4. Post bridge schematics using a letter box - Your sim just downloaded the schematics to build the almost-iconic Redden Gate Bridge. It's just like the golden version, only without copyright. Perfect! Now send the schematics off to the builders. Just drop it off in the letter box in front of any of your sim houses and the mail service will handle the rest.
  5. Call the construction team on a phone - Okay, now it's time to make sure the mail got there successfully. Call the construction company and make sure they received the schematics.
  6. Watch 'Found' on a TV - The construction team have received the schematics! However, they're not going to start construction until they find out what happens in the last episode of 'Found', the TV show about a mysterious island that appears in the middle of nowhere. Hmmm... maybe they'll start construction sooner if your Sim can tell them the ending! Watch the final season of 'Found' on TV.
  7. Drink Herbal Tea
  8. Call Construction Team on the phone
  9. Bake croissants
  10. Build the mysterious bridge

How to High Five a Neighbor's Sim

Just make sims friends first. Then the option to high five them will come out.

Ocean View Estate Quest - Sims Freeplay

This is the list of tasks for the Ocean View Estate Quests. Just so you know which part are you as you progress. Enjoy!

1. Read House, Garden and Llamas Magazine - If you don't have a stack of magazine, just buy one at the living room section.
2. Play the sims on the computer - You need a computer for this
3. Call real estate agent on phone
4. Watch sim house blitz on tv
5. Have a double shot of coffee
6. Call a sim to the park
7. Perform fake auction with ducks in the park
8. Feed the ducks in the park
9. Bake pumpkin pie
10. Wash hands in the sink
11. Build the real estate agency
12. Get a sim a job as a real estate agent - Mine was 6 hours, time would vary.
13. Have a sim dance to a stereo

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Where do you Buy a Mirror in Sims Free Play?

You can find it by building the hobby shop first and you can buy it from there.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Real Estate Competition

Which Real Estate will emerge victorious in this fierce competition of real estate?

In order to have a sim as a real estate agent, you need to build the real estate agent career. The levels of promotion are as follows:
1. Intern
2. Apprentice Auctioneer
3. Senior Agent
4. Agent Manager
5. CEO

You can also practice to improve this job by  buy buying the auction podium from Promotions R Us. Yes, you need to build this shop too.