Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Have a Preeteen Write in Diary

Just click on the preteen's bed and hit "Write in diary". The task will complete in 10 minutes :)

Have fun!

Triple-Fudge Hot Chocolate

Have a preteen sim have a triple-fudge hot chocolate in a neighbor's house.

Go to machine coffee neighbors n choose triple-fudge hot chocolate

Monday, October 19, 2015

Investigate Horse (The Hidden Unicorn)

You Your sim doesn't know who locked the gate, but it's going to take incredible locker to open it. Wait! Is that a horse near the lake? What's it doing there?

TASK: Have a sim investigate the horse, near the lake at the stables.

Simply find the body of water in the stables. On the Northeast side of the lake, there's a white horse. Actually, it's a unicorn. :) yaye!

It's a unicorn! <3

Then, just follow the following tasks:

- Inspect unicorn's horn (7 seconds)
- Talk to unicorn (2 minutes, 1LP, 350xp)
- Go home and call a friend (5 mins, $100, 50xp)
- Call 2 sims to the stables
- Laugh with sim
- Investigate a tree
- Talk to a sim about shy unicorns
- Read pooping rainbows
- Talk to a sim about the unicorn
- Bake Rocky Road
- Call A sim to the stables
- Leave rocky road for unicorn
- Wait for the unicorn
- have a deep sleep
- go back to the stables
- read the note
- repair the show jumping gate

How to Inspect Show Jumping Gate (Hidden Unicorn)

Your sims have a hankering to do some Show Jumping and the field to the right of the Stables would be a perfect place.

TASK: Investigate the lock on the gate at the stables.

My, my... some of the tasks could get really tricky.

All you haveto do is to go to the stables, whistle a sim to go there, and click on the lock at the lower right of the stables. Literally. that's it

Click on this lock.

How to Make a Meal on the Stove

Just bake (and not cook). I baked brownies and I got the task complete. ��

Build the Deer Spring Falls Campgrounds

Before completing the Outdoors Event in Sims Freeplay, you need to build the Deer Spring Falls Campgrounds which can be found at the upper left of the game map (left side near the bridge). Check out the photo below.
Found on upper left, click on the icon with a man backpacking.

Upon clicking, you will have a checklist. Just follow these and you can now build the Deer Springs Falls Camogrounds.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

How Do I Buy Wardrobe in Sims Free Play

Wardrobe in the game means buying the cabinet with clothes in it. Just click on the shop at the lower right (the one with furniture), click on bedroom and find wardrobe.